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Welcome to this Website which will tell you about our Wind Turbine Simulator which will model any WIND TURBINE ELECTRICITY GENERATION SYSTEM on any 'WINDOWS' Computer. This site was last updated on 3rd Feb 2005.

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This site describes the latest product from ORANGE ENTERPRIZES. It is a WIND TURBINE ELECTRICITY GENERATION SYSTEM Simulator which models the Wind Turbine, the Gearbox, the Electric Generator, the Static Convertor, the Mains Transformer and the mains Supply into which the power is to be fed. It will model any SIZE and TYPE of Turbine running at any Speed, with a Gearbox of any ratio, with a DC Synchronous or Induction Generator of any Speed and Voltage, with a naturally commutated Convertor or self switching Inverter to convert the Power into any value Voltage and Frequency to feed it into the Mains Supply.

This Wind Turbine Simulator has been Designed, Developed and Written by
David Finney, BSc, C.Eng, F.I.E.E. and it has taken him 2 years to produce it.
It follows the large range of Variable Speed Drive Simulators which David has developed and supplied over the past 10 years. These VSD Simulators are now being used worldwide in Colleges, Universities and by Drive Suppliers and they have led to a much greater understanding of the Technology of Variable Speed Drives.
It is hoped that this Simulator will do the same for the understanding of Wind Turbine Generation Systems.

David is also the Author of two Technical Books one of which is still in print and available. It is entitled 'Variable Frequency AC Motor Drive Systems' and it covers some of the systems used in this Simulator.


You can DOWNLOAD a DEMONSTRATION of this Wind Turbine Simulator from here now if you wish. It is a complete Simulator with just one exception, namely, you are not able to change the Rating or Specification of the System being studied. It will show you all of the other facilities of this comprehensive Simulator. The Demo will come to you as a 1.3 Megabyte file called WDEMON.EXE and once you have downloaded it you should run it and it will split itself into it's component Files, one of which is READTHIS.TXT which will give you further instructions as to how to install and run the Demonstration Simulator on your computer.


You can send me an EMAIL if you have any queries about this Simulator.

SEND an EMAIL to DAVID FINNEY from here.

You can obtain full details of the Variable Speed Drive Simulators and David's Textbook on AC Drives by going to :-

our Orange Enterprizes WEBSITE at

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